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Music. Weddings. People. Emotions. That's what I love to capture!
I am a filmmaker and photographer with all my heart!


For all my life I've been a lover of music, films, filmmaking and photography. I love capturing the moment and making films and photo books with the images I capture.

In my life I have been to hundreds of concerts. As a spectator. One day I decided to create concert films myself. With my passion for music, films and taking pictures this was a natural step and it was just the first step. Soon I discovered my passion for making wedding films because I love heartfelt moments in people's lives.

I am addicted to the progress of technology. From movie reels and analog photography to digital cameras with 4k video resolution, not to mention photos without annyoing shutter sounds. After all, who still takes pictures with click noises at wedding ceremonies? I move with the times! For information on my equipment, see INFOS & FAQ.

Music brings joy. Music forges friendships. Music unites and provides energy. A film without music is unthinkable! For the music that will accompany your wedding video, you can either leave the choosing to me, name your favorite songs or have me pick based on your favorite bands and styles.

I offer you concert shoots with up to 9 cameras, music videos, unique wedding films, short films and photo booths for your wedding. What are you waiting for? You play in a band? You are soon to be married or you wish a photo/video shooting of any kind? Contact me!

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